Please feel free to download your relevant claim forms if you wish to submit an insurance claim and send your completed claim form to us via fax or email.

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Auto & General - No claim forms available. Contact them on 0860 10 91 90 to lodge your claim
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Useful Information should you be involved in a car accident:

Download this Accident Report Form and keep a copy of it in your vehicle at all times.
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1. Stop your vehicle immediately. If someone is dead or injured, do not move the vehicles.

2. Obtain the other driver's details:
2.1 Name
2.2 Address
2.3 Contact Number
2.4 Make, Model and Registration Number of Vehicle
2.5 Obtain the Engine and VIN number from the vehicle license disc
2.6 Name of his insurance
2.7 If the vehicle belongs to someone else, that person's Name, Address & Contact Number.

3. Give your name and other details to anyone who has reason to require it. Remember never to admit liability / responsibility for the accident. Your insurance company will sort this out with the other insurance company.

4. Try to obtain the details of any witnesses as well as their impressions of the accident. Also make a note of the police- or traffic officer's number and workstation.

5. Make a note of where the accident took place (the name of the street, the area or details of the highway section (example: between which two offramps) as well as the conditions (weather, visibility, condition of the road)

6. Make a note of the exact time and date of the accident

7. Make a sketch of the position of the vehicles at the time of the accident

8. Report the accident within 24-hours to the South African Police Services even if it was only a small accident. Show them your drivers license and give them all your details.

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