1. The security requirements for out buildings are to be the same as for the house contents, - burglar bars / security gates / 24 hour linked burglar alarm.

2. If you are not married, but are living with a person, only your household items will be covered. Should you need the other person’s items to be insured as well, we will have to add the person as the co-insured and increase the contents value.

3. Computers, fax machines and copiers in your house used for business purposes will not be covered by your personal policy.

4. Keep your invoices / receipts for the purchase of household goods, especially electronic equipment, in a safe place. The assessor may request them or at least the operating manual. Proof of ownership will always be required.

5. Review your sum insured for Household Contents on an annual basis to avoid being underinsured.

6. Ensure that you comply with the requirements of the insurer.

• Burglar bars in front of all opening windows and louvers

• Security gates in front of doors and sliding doors

• Alarm linked to a 24-hour reaction control room (SAID Approved)

• Refer to the policy for your personal requirements

7. We need to be notified should you have any “NON-STANDARD” construction on your site.


1. NO jewellery will be specified until the insurer receives a Valuation Certificate. The Valuation Certificate should not be older than two years. The insurer is under NO obligation to make cash payments regarding a claim.

2. The total amount for specified jewellery must not exceed 30% of the value of the house contents.

3. Should you replace or “upgrade” your cell phone or have had the phone replaced by the insurer due to a claim, please inform us of all the relevant details. There is no possible way that we can do this automatically.

4. There is NO cover on items in a vehicle or beyond the borders of your home (for example motor radio, cell phone, jewellery, leather jackets, brief cases, cameras, etc.) Should you wish for these items to be covered, it should be specified on the policy.


1. Review your vehicle value on an annual basis (including any extras) and advise us accordingly.

2. Please note that according to the insurance law, the vehicle/s on your policy should be registered in either yours or your spouse’s name. If any other party is involved, the insurer should be notified. If not, claims may be repudiated.

3. If you use your vehicle for BUSINESS, the insurer should be informed. Failing to do so should result in a claim being repudiated.

4. The insurer will settle the BOOK VALUE of the vehicle only. Any items on your vehicle, which are not “factory fitted” (additionally installed) should be listed and insured separately on the policy. Ensure that all details of the vehicles/s are correct.

5. Should a claim be submitted against the policy, the insurer will reduce a portion of the no claim bonus against the relevant section of the policy. In the case of a motor accident where you as the client were not responsible for the accident, the no claim bonus will also be reduced until such time as the insurer can make a successful third party recovery.

6. The new driver’s license will be required by the insurer. Ensure that you renew your licence on or before the renewal date. Failing to provide the new license will result in a claim being repudiated.

7. Immobilisers and tracking devices should be tested regularly. The client is responsible to ensure that these devices are in working order at all times.


1. Report all vehicle accidents to us as well as to the SAPS, even if you are not going to submit a claim or if you are not responsible for the accident. The reason for this request is that should you decide to claim afterwards, the insurer will not accommodate any claims submitted or reported after 30 days of the event.

2. Please make sure that you understand what your excess will be in the event of a claim. Claims should be submitted to the insurer within 30 days of the event.

3. The following documentation will be required by the assessor in the event of a claim. Please ensure that you are in possession of these documents:

• Immobilizer Certificate (VESA Approved Level 3A / 4A) if not factory fitted.

• Gear lock certificate (VESA approved)

• Tracking device certificate (it is your responsibility to ensure

That the device is in working conditions at all times)

• Valuation certificate of jewellery.

• Copy of drivers licence.

• Firearm licence.


1. Read through and understand the policy contract. Make sure you comply with the minimum requirements of the policy.

2. Notify us of any changes to the policy, for example, address, telephone numbers, bank details, motor registration numbers, etc.

3. Ensure that the monthly debt order, launched by the insurer, has been processed. The insurer will repudiate claims if premiums are not up to date. When you make amendments to your policy, the debt or credit amount will be adjusted automatically without written / prior notice.

4. Should you wish to cancel your policy, the insurer requests a 30 day (calendar month) notice period.

5. Please go through your policy schedule carefully. If any information regarding the value of such item is incorrect, please inform us immediately.

6. Only written confirmation will confirm the cover of any item.

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